Advertising in magazines and online publications

Space advertising when used in conjunction with all the other marketing tools like press release, web based promotion (banners & buttons), e-marketing, direct mail and exhibitions can be cost effective and helps to increase awareness and branding. There are also numerous opportunities to promote your products and services through E-news sponsorship with leading technical publications. To coordinate all these activities, it is sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees. Our wide experience within technical market communications can help you to get the mix right. 

How Tactical MarComms can help

We can help you with your marketing plan at the beginning of a campaign for a specific product, or on an annual basis across your product and service range. For some clients we manage budgets and place advertisements in magazines as well as organise e-media advertising, including lead monitoring and feedback against targets and objectives. Tactical MarComms can provide expert knowledge in targeting the right trade magazines and e-publications with creative input to make sure your advertising stands out from the crowd.

Design Service

We also design advertising copy for magazines and e-publications - helping you to get your message across to your target audience. We use QuarkXpress® and Adobe® software to produce top quality press-ready PDFs for magazine print, and banners & button design for e-publications or for your own website.