Using e-marketing to promote your business

E-marketing includes email campaigns and newsletters to help build and cement long term relationships with your customers and prospects. It can also include search engine optimised text (SEO) for your website.

By recycling the content from your press release programme you can directly inform your customers of new products and services using this medium which may be closely coordinated through your own CRM system. Statistics and campaign success information feedback are all possible with this new form of direct marketing.

Using e-marketing as an additional tool for your market communications strategy demands that the information often needs specific targeting for your audience, using re-edited text and graphics, avoiding over complication with links back to your website or another information resource.

Your choice of e-marketing provider

e-marketing distribution is available through a number of expert third party service providers and due to legislation and anti-spam fears, is best handled by them. However, as with technical press release, the actual content is often not understood by these providers and the approvals process can be become a tedious chore for busy industrial marketing professionals.

How Tactical MarComms can help you

Tactical MarComms can manage complete E-marketing programmes, working between you and your provider to ensure a smooth service. Using HTML templates designed to reflect your corporate image, we can write copy and provide graphics that gets the maximum impact, working closely with your choice email marketing service provider to help with specific marketing campaigns or a regular e-newsletter service.