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  • Heason Technology Ltd | 28-Aug-2015

    Focused-in-flight: Nanomotion’s autofocussing stage

    A miniature autofocussing stage which can operate under flight conditions for shock and vibration with extreme temp...

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  • Mclennan Ltd | 28-Aug-2015

    Mclennan’s AMP stepper motor range expands

    Mclennan continues to expand its range of stepper motors from USA distribution partner Applied Motion Products Inc....

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  • Aerotech Ltd | 25-Aug-2015

    Delta Robot with Scalable, Open-Architecture Robot Control

    Open architecture robot controller Operating ranges from 500 mm to 1300 mm Up to 15g linear acceleration and 200 ...

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  • Nord Drivesystems | 27-Jul-2015

    Integrated basic PLC capability due to faster CPU and firmware upgrades

    Featuring an integrated PLC, frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS combined with geared motors become a full-f...

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  • Variohm EuroSensor Ltd | 23-Jul-2015

    BEI’s new Hall Effect rotary position sensor suits extreme environments

    The recently launched 9970 series Hall Effect rotary position sensor from BEI Sensors are available in the UK from ...

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  • Ixthus Ltd | 03-Jul-2015

    Portable high precision sensor measurement tool

    Now available in the UK from Ixthus Instrumentation, Burster’s new TRANS CAL 7281 is a high precision hand-he...

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  • MiniTec UK Ltd | 30-Jun-2015

    MiniTec’s new Profile System catalogue

    MiniTec’s new Profile System product catalogue covers the structural and machine framing specialist’s c...

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  • LG Motion Ltd | 08-Jun-2015

    LG Motion acquires controlling interest in Precision Acoustics

    LG Motion, a leading designer and manufacturer of motion technology products has enhanced its technology portfolio ...

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  • Herga Technology Ltd | 08-Apr-2015

    New ultra-low-profile electric footswitch

    Herga Technology has launched a new rear-hinged ultra-low-profile footswitch with a height of just 10 mm that offer...

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  • Trio Motion Ltd | 01-Oct-2014

    Show preview: sps/ipc/drives 2014

    Trio displays Mini EtherCAT master controlling 12 Drives from different manufacturers on one network

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  • Wyndham Page Ltd | 03-Mar-2014

    Wyndham Page launch innovative ‘auto/manual’ shutdown valve range

    Added safety and operational advantages for diesel engine overspeed protection

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  • Variohm Holdings | 26-Mar-2013

    Variohm Holdings Group acquires Herga

    Variohm Holdings - the Sense, Measure and Motion Control group has acquired Herga – the leading UK manufactur...

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  • Transmission Developments | 21-Mar-2012

    New textbook information resource for synchronous belt technology

    Handbook Timing Belts - Principles, Calculations, Applications - This new publication, originally written and publi...

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