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  • Variohm EuroSensor Ltd | 23-Jun-2016

    ZEMIC load cell selected for novel airline cabin luggage weighing machine

    ZEMIC, the global load and force sensor manufacturer, represented in the UK by Variohm EuroSensor, has recently ann...

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  • Nord Drivesystems | 22-Jun-2016

    Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

    NORD employs frequency inverters with an integrated PLC to monitor the complete drive system, evaluate sensor data,...

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  • bigHead Bonding Fasteners | 22-Jun-2016

    bigHead® Bonding Fasteners celebrates fifty years of innovation

    bigHead celebrates 50 years of enduring engineering design

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  • Aerotech Ltd | 21-Jun-2016

    New Brochure for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics

    Aerotech's latest brochure for precision mechanics, state-of-the-art controls and customized motion subsystem...

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  • Mclennan Ltd | 21-Jun-2016

    Portescap’s new 16 mm Athlonix™ brushed DC motor

    Higher torque for miniature motors: Portescap’s new 16 mm Athlonix™ brushed DC motor added to Mclennan ...

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  • Herga Technology Ltd | 17-Jun-2016

    Herga announces upgraded materials for bellows controls range

    Herga Technology has begun a major programme to replace the PVC materials used across its range of single- and mult...

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  • Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd | 16-Jun-2016

    Ixthus distribution partner wins NASA award

    Strainsert’s engineering staff earn award for NASA capsule parachute customised force sensor

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  • Heason Technology Ltd | 16-Jun-2016

    Kollmorgen’s new ERD series IP69K linear actuator

    Kollmorgen's new ERD series stainless steel linear actuatorsare are ready-to-install in food produce or pharma...

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  • LG Motion Ltd | 25-Jan-2016

    New miniature rotary stage

    : LG Motion Ltd has added a new miniature rotary stage to its competitively priced LG-Series precision positioning...

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  • MiniTec UK Ltd | 20-Oct-2015

    Display cabinets for National Physical Laboratory ‘Super Sight’ stand

    MiniTec UK recently supplied interactive exhibition display cabinets for the National Physical Laboratory's &l...

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  • Precision Acoustics | 15-Sep-2015

    Precision Acoustics expands needle hydrophone range

    Ultrasonic equipment innovator and manufacturer, Precision Acoustics Ltd has expanded its pressure measurement rang...

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  • Trio Motion Ltd | 01-Oct-2014

    Show preview: sps/ipc/drives 2014

    Trio displays Mini EtherCAT master controlling 12 Drives from different manufacturers on one network

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  • Wyndham Page Ltd | 03-Mar-2014

    Wyndham Page launch innovative ‘auto/manual’ shutdown valve range

    Added safety and operational advantages for diesel engine overspeed protection

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  • Variohm Holdings | 26-Mar-2013

    Variohm Holdings Group acquires Herga

    Variohm Holdings - the Sense, Measure and Motion Control group has acquired Herga – the leading UK manufactur...

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  • Transmission Developments | 21-Mar-2012

    New textbook information resource for synchronous belt technology

    Handbook Timing Belts - Principles, Calculations, Applications - This new publication, originally written and publi...

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